With love for every detail

Something About Us

We at B&F are rewriting the rules of luxury, bringing you an experience that goes beyond the traditional notions of opulence. We understand that true wealth is measured in experiences, not in the flaunting of expensive labels. Let's dive deeper into what sets our perfumes apart in the post-luxury landscape.


Post-Luxury Living:

In a world where the pursuit of excess has lost its allure, B&F Perfumes caters to those who've moved beyond the need for conspicuous displays of wealth. Our assortment is crafted for individuals who derive satisfaction from the subtlety of experiences rather than the conspicuousness of possessions.


A New Definition of Luxury:

Luxury, once synonymous with comfort and wealth, often brought along stress, comparison, and anxiety. B&F Perfumes redefine luxury as a state of being, an experience without unnecessary frills. We follow a simple philosophy—the "No Junk Rule," ensuring our perfumes seamlessly integrate into your daily essentials or value-adding items.


Fragrance Without Flashiness:

Our fragrances provide a sensory experience that competes with the luxury of the most high-end brands, but we place emphasis on the essence, not the emblem. In the post-luxury era, sophistication lies in the subtlety of a scent, not the prominence of a logo.


Pre-Luxury Enlightenment:

Realizing that ownership of extravagant goods doesn't guarantee fulfillment, B&F Perfumes aligns with this mindset. Our scents are crafted for a decision-making process that values experiences over logos and status symbols.


Demystifying the Price Tag:

B&F Perfumes challenges the notion that luxury is synonymous with high prices. Our collection falls into a category where value is derived from the daily experience, not the unnecessary excess. Each bottle encapsulates the essence of the pre-luxury lifestyle—where simplicity and substance reign supreme.


As you explore the world of B&F Perfumes, immerse yourself in the true essence of luxury. Our collection stands as a testament to the philosophy that quality need not be confined by a hefty price tag. Join the post- luxury movement and let B&F Perfumes redefine your perception of luxury—a narrative where every scent tells a story of sophistication, substance, and the pursuit of true fulfillment.